About the website

Facts about me:

  • I am in my eighth year as a History/Social Studies teacher.
  • I am a graduate of Yeshiva University and Bard College.
  • I live in the Cleveland, Ohio metropolitan area but spent a good portion of my life in New York and New Jersey. 

Hopefully everything else that is relevant to the topic at hand will be revealed in my writing. 

Purposes of this website:

Writing is important to me and I’m trying to (pretentious as it may sound) improve my craft as a writer and researcher.  


The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed on my website belong solely to the author, and not to my employer. 

I do my best to check my work for accuracy, proper documentation and respectful consideration for any potential reader.  Constructive criticism and feedback is always welcome. 

Why name your site after yourself?

I wanted my site to be easy for people to find.  In the past I’ve chosen other names for other projects that have been more specific and limiting.